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We have an outstanding track record of helping companies increase their productivity and performance..

Capital Solutions

Count Accountants

House of Commons

Morrisons Academy

NHS Education Scotland

Edinburgh Univercity

Perth and Kinross Council

The Scottish Parliament

Dunblane High School


Kincardine in Menteith School

House of Lords

Standard Life

Jersey Council



Yell Adworks


Random House

coca cola

Janssen cilag

I was inspired. You did a fantastic job with our sales team, I would recommend you very highly

Mark Harvie –
Corporate Sales Director - Capital Solutions

I cannot recommend their services too highly.

James Richardson
Group Head of Personnel, Macmillan

We wholeheartedly recommend them to any establishment looking to improve their teamwork and communication skills and wishing to think “outside the box” for staff development.

Fiona Anderson
Headteacher, Kincardine in Menteith School

Your presentations were not just a contribution to a solution, but were the keystone for success.

Van Heyningen Brothers Ltd.

Many thanks for sharing your expertise with the children, I feel your message was invaluable and will inspire the pupils to perform to their full potential

Diane Riddell
Head of year - Morrisons Academy

I particularly wanted to mention the positive impact you have had on Hansard and their working practices, you have made a huge difference to us all…

John Benger
Clark Assistant and Managing Director - House of Commons

I would like to take this opportunity to state how positively all personnel, both staff and shop floor, received it.

Iain Low

An outstanding ability to communicate knowledge in “lay” terms to members of staff.

Christine Monckton
Industrial relations officer – ITN

We have always found their services to be of a consistently high standard and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to any company.

James Hobson
Manager- Mitsubishi Electric

This enthusiasm and obvious knowledge and experience bring a new dimension to this crucial area of company well being.

Gary Weston
General Manager, Pindar Set

Your determination to make the training successful, convinced me of the value in investing in a high quality training provider.

Bernadette Doyle
HR Director – Pindar Set

Your ability to get to the heart of the issues is incredible.

Dorothy Henk
Business Growth Club FEAT

All those attending reported that they found the workshop to be extremely useful and beneficial. The lively informative presentation was enjoyed by all

Pat Davidson
SHAW Area Coordinator

Those who attended have since told me that your presentation was a revelation.

Stephen Hutchison
The Scottish Parliament