Propagate Positivity from the top down…(remove apathy!)


To reap success and provide a stimulating healthy working environment it is essential organisations inject their  leaders with exceptional training /facilitated learning and coaching which focuses thoughts on self awareness/growth, positive communication and the interpersonal relationships they have with their people,  being positive attracts positive, being negative breeds a virus of negativity  stress and reduced productivity. “Perception is Projection”


Consult and encourage staff  to use more initiative and promote and take ownership of new ideas. Let go of rigidity and fixed attitudes  and allow creativity and ownership to flow. There is a vast rich resource of untapped knowledge in most organisations. Staff want to know and feel that they are a part of the system and understand where they fit into the corporate jigsaw.


In addition by creating a place of work where employee health and welfare are foremost on the corporate agenda, productivity will improve, invest in staff and they will willingly make make things happen, if you promote a culture of open communication and superior interpersonal skills employees feel more valued and empowered and you will reap the rewards.