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What We Do

Customised Training/Facilitated Learning

We design unique facilitated learning programs, taking an active role with you, in the design and delivery of learning and development solutions that fit with your culture and is aligned to your organisational needs. We nurture positive development, open communication and dialogue within your organisation, together finding the best solutions. We offer workable learning strategies to ensure that your organisation has a communication and leadership culture that builds growth. The courses below give an outline of what we tailor to suit your organisation.

Corporate Team or one to one Executive Coaching

One to one or team coaching to motivate for clearer thought and direction – to set and achieve quality goals. Coaching will help determine whether issues exist that limit the ability to perform the task or accomplish the objectives. Common barriers are time, knowledge, tools or support and temperament. The Coaching can vary from support to achieve a specific project, helping an individual to do better at what they are already doing, or developing a skill not yet possessed.

Corporate Wellbeing Audit

Did you know that 80% of the working population are at some time off with work related illness? Our dynamic team offer customised surveys/audits which look at organisation stress and staff wellbeing in order to reduce absenteeism and in turn significantly reduce cost.

All our programmes are tailored for your needs.

Positive Communication

An exceptional day on effective communication. In this session we will explore the three main areas of communication that can promote a positive working culture which in turn will dramatically boost the bottom line figures.

  • Understanding and using body language.
  • Learning advanced rapport, and developing your listening and responding skills.
  • The positive use of verbal language.

Leadership with Excellence

We take an introspective look at “who we are at work”, creating better staff engagement and an environment for an intrinsic motivation to flourish. As a result of attending the day you will see yourself, others and your work culture with new and refreshed eyes and will learn.

  • Improved self awareness and what sort of leader you are.
  • Identify what wastes time throughout the day.
  • Create space and happiness in your life.

Work Smarter not Harder

Do you struggle to juggle all your commitments and priorities during your day and beyond? Rather than work harder, the healthier and more productive solution is to work smarter. We look at how to remain positive, build on strengths and develop goal setting, efficiency and achievements so you can plan your work for happiness.

  • Understand how to minimise the stressors
  • Identify what wastes time throughout the day.
  • Create space and happiness in your life.

Coaching or Mentoring Staff For Success

Coaching and or mentoring are processes that enable individuals and teams to achieve their full potential.
To improve your business effectiveness it is essential that your staff are dedicated to their job and are fully too committed to achieving their full potential. This course will offer a toolkit that enables you to put a simple in-house coaching program in place. It includes:

  • When to mentor and when to coach.
  • The language of coaching.
  • The “grow” coaching model.


The resilient staff member will be able to improve performance and stamina during periods of high demand. They see opportunities in change, challenges are welcomed as new opportunities. Individuals who hear, feel, sense or see they can influence events and have a strong sense of self-achievement and effectiveness as opposed to being a victim of circumstance. Team members that “cause” positive things to happen rather than perceiving that they are always “affected” by external events that they cannot control. This course includes:

  • Recognising stressors.
  • Living in the cause side of the equation rather than the effect.
  • Coping strategies.

Team Dynamics

Team dynamics are the conscious and unconscious, psychological forces that influence the direction of a team’s behaviour and performance. The dynamics within your teams are created by the nature of the work, the personalities, the interpersonal relationships, and the environment in which your team works. Ineffective teams can cause unproductive conflict, demotivation, and prevent the team from achieving its goals. This session will include:

  • Effective communication and rapport.
  • Recognising personality types and influencing  behaviours.
  • Look at roles and responsibilities within the team.